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Welcome to Southern African Network of AIDS Service Organisations’ website.

SANASO Mission is to unite efforts of Non governmental organisations (NGOs) Community based organisations (CBOs) Faith based organisations (FBOs) and People living with HIV/AIDS (PWAs) and promote cooperation between Civil society and Governments in order to expand the response to HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

Member organisations include those that are engaged solely in HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes as well as those that have included HIV/AIDS activities in other programmes such as women's groups, teachers, religious groups, youths, trade unions etc. The involvement of such a wide selection of organisations and interests in SANASO is very beneficial for cross-fertilisation of ideas for AIDS care and prevention in Southern Africa. The range of member organisations' activities include HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, education and training, materials production, exhibitions, popular theatre(drama), condom distribution, provision of HIV/AIDS counselling and testing services, home-based care programmes, orphan support programmes and many other responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

SANASO Democratic governance system allows all 10 country Networks and member organizations to fully participate in the decision making process and programme planning, implementation and evaluation. This promotes a stronger sense of ownership and commitment from the members. SANASO Secretariat is currently based in Harare, Zimbabwe, and has logistical capacity to successfully reach communities through Country Networks; and to organize sub-regional workshops and conferences. SANASO has a good track record with potential to attract funding and has demonstrated an acceptable level of financial accountability. The Network is best suited for undertaking scaling up HIV/AIDS responses in Southern Africa, as well as highlighting and sharing best practices in the region.

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