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(i)Top Priority HIV/AIDS Advocacy Issues

SANASO undertook a Needs Assessment Survey in 1998 to identify HIV/AIDS issues that require advocacy interventions at Regional level. Results of the Survey were further validated through in-depth country-level situational analysis involving group discussions with communities to hear the voices of people from the grassroots. Findings of these surveys were presented at SANASO Regional Advocacy Meeting held in September 2000 where consensus was reached on three cross-cutting top priority areas for Regional advocacy as follows:

(ii)Advocacy and lobbying skills training

SANASO organizes Advocacy and lobbying skills training for National NGO and PWA Network Coordinators and Activists to enhance their skills in commenting on major issues affecting HIV/AIDS in the Region.

(iii)Distribution of Advocacy Materials

SANASO distributes HIV/AIDS Advocacy materials, including the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS to member organizations to use as tools for reminding SADC Governments to fully implement provisions of the Declaration which they have signed.

(iv)Links with Strategic partners

SANASO has established links with the following;


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