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Inter-Country Exchange & Capacity building

(i) Publications and Circulations

SANASO publishes and circulates a quarterly Newsletter to member organizations, National AIDS programmes and partners. The content and presentation of the Newsletter is reviewed from time to time to make the Newsletter relevant and usable to members.
SANASO also circulates relevant publications including reports, best practices and technical papers published by other organizations. Some useful information is circulated via e-mail.

(ii) Information Exchange Workshops

SANASO organizes thematic workshops focusing on specific HIV/AIDS issues with view of sharing best practices by bringing together collective experiences in the region. Workshops are organized separately or as part of other scheduled activities such as National, Regional or International conferences. The following workshops have been held and Reports are available on request.

(iii) Training Workshops

SANASO organizes capacity building workshops oriented towards training and skills transfer. The following workshops have been held:

(iv) SANASO Conferences

SANASO Regional Conferences provide a unique opportunity for NGOs and community groups in the region to share experiences and interact with other interested parties such as experts and donors. Six Conferences have so far been held with the following Themes:
-Angola- -Botswana- -Lesotho- -Malawi- -Mozambique- -Namibia- -South Africa- -Swaziland- -Zambia- -Zimbabwe-
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